Preparing Your Store

Configuring Your Register

After you've Configured Your Outlet or have created a new Register, you'll want to configure your registers. You've got a number of different options relating to how your Register works so we'll cover the major parts here, but feel free to adjust your Register further.

Configuring General Settings

The first thing you'll likely want to do is to modify the general settings for the register as this controls the underlying functions of Shopfront in relation to the register.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select General
  4. Change the tab to Registers 
  5. Select the Register you wish to customise

You should go through most of the settings on this screen (for more details on each one, press the question mark next to the setting) and customise them, but we'll detail some of the commonly used.

Default Receipt Template

Section: General

This is the receipt template that will be displayed by default when a sale is completed, whilst you can change the template on the sell screen we would highly recommend adding the most common receipt to speed up sales. If you need to create or edit a receipt template, check out our handy article.

Login After Sale

Section: Sell Screen

This is really up to personal preference as to whether logging in after each sale is required, if you use individual devices for each user we'd suggest turning this off, but if you're constantly switching devices then you should enable this.

We'd also suggest potentially turning this off and using the auto logout time which will detect when a user hasn't been active and automatically log them out.

Specific Register Settings

In addition to the general settings, there is a specific register settings page which should be used to further customise the register and what's available through it.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Registers & Outlets
  4. Press Edit next to the Register you wish to modify

Payment Methods Available in the Register

You'll want to select which payment methods are available to use for the register, simply toggle the payment methods to be enabled and save which will allow those payment methods to be used after the register next synchronises.

Set a Float for Each day of the Week

You can specify a fixed float for each day of the week on this page as well, simply enter the value under specified day and press save. If you'd like more information about register closures, check out our article

Modify Register Closure Print Settings

Whilst we recommend you don't print the register closures and instead access the previous register closures directly through the browser, you can modify what is available to print through this screen.

Print Options

You can set one of three printing options for each section of the register closure report individually. 

Print Table Include a detailed table of the section when printed
Print Total Include the sum of the section when printed
Don't Print Exclude section from printing

Register Closure Sections

You can set each section of possible register closure data individually. Only applicable data will be shown. For example, if the gift card sections are enabled for print but no gift cards were sold or redeemed, these sections will not appear on the printout.   

Payment Method The sum or breakdown of payments received by payment method
Tax The sum or breakdown of tax for the day
Movements Cash management logged in Shopfront, e.g. safe drops
Account Sales  Sales finalised for account customers with the payment method On Account, e.g. debtors
Account Payments Payments received for customer account sales  
Refunds  Refunds processed
Discounts Discounts given on sales or products by applying manual discounts, this does not include promotional discount amounts
Sold Gift Cards The sum or breakdown of sold gift cards
Redeemed Gift Cards Gift cards used as payment method to partially or fully pay off a sale
Loyalty Loyalty collected by loyalty customers
Notes Toggle to include notes entered at the time of register closure
Close Register Tags Toggle to include selected tag totals, enter which tags to include below by typing and selecting from the dropdown menu. Multiple tags can be selected