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Receipt Printer Troubleshooting

Below are troubleshooting methods you can try if your receipt printer is not printing.


Common Fixes

Note; Between each step please try printing a receipt to see if the issue has been resolved.

To attempt to print a test page after completing the below troubleshooting, follow these steps: Open Control Panel > Select View devices and printers > Right-click on your printer > Select Printer Properties > Select Print test page.

  • Check there is sufficient receipt paper
  • Power off and on the receipt printer (If this is a common issue click here to troubleshoot the printer's power management)
  • Check that you are using the correct thermal paper and the paper is turned in the correct position (If the receipt paper is the wrong way up, the receipt will print out blank)
  • Restart the PC
  • Check that all cables to the receipt printer are plugged in securely (Power, USB and Cash Drawer Cable)
  • Try connecting the printer to another USB port on the PC
  • Connect the printer using a different USB cable

Advanced Fixes

If you find that none of the above methods has resolved your issue you can try the following;

  • Check if Hardware Connect is installed and the receipt printer has been added, see the help guide on How to Set Up Hardware Connect
  • Check and clear the printer queue via Settings>Bluetooth & devices>Printers & scanners. Select the printer and Open print queue. Delete anything in the queue and try printing again
    • In the same settings menu, select Printer properties and check the Ports tab. There may be another USB port (eg. USB002) to connect the printer to
  • Check to see if you have duplicate receipt printers installed via Control Panel>View devices and printers. If you find duplicates, you may need to delete them



Constantly Having to Power Cycle (turn on and off)

If you find that you constantly have to power the printer on and off to get it working, it could be that you have power-saving options enabled. To disable these, try the method below;

  • Disable power saving for all USB connections
  1. Click on the windows icon
  2. Type Device Manager and click open
  3. Select the dropdown on Universal Serial Bus controllers
  4. Right-click on each USB and select properties
  5. Click on Power Management tab. Uncheck the following;

 Do this for all USB connections.



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