IBA Scan & Loyalty

Setting up IBA Rewards (Top Drops and Bottle-O)

The IBA Rewards integration allows your customers to access unique promotions and features a fully integrated spend and redemption system (similar to Shopfront's built-in loyalty system).

To receive rebates for promotions and point redemptions you must also be using the IBA Scan v2.5 integration.

Setup of the IBA Rewards integration is typically performed by your BDM.

How Does it Work?

NOTE: This is a very simple, high-level explanation, contact your BDM for more information.

Customers will sign-up and install either the Top Drop Rewards app or Bottle-O Rewards app on their phone and select their home store. Customers will then be able to receive member promotions at any store who is integrated with the IBA Rewards application and if the customer is at their elected home store they will also be able to earn and redeem points based on how much money they spend.

It is not possible for Shopfront to track the loyalty liability that is created and held by your store when customers earn and redeem points. You'll need to contact IBA or your BDM for information on how to track this.

Before you Begin

You'll need the following information from IBA:

  • Your Store ID,
  • Which program you'll be in,
  • A Client ID for loyalty,
  • A Client Secret for loyalty
  • A Scope for scan data,
  • The Requester Site ID for scan data (typically the same as your Store ID)

Integrating IBA Rewards

Once you have the above information, you'll need to connect and allow the integration to embed content within Shopfront's UI and to create a couple of resources required for the processing of loyalty sales. Using an account with either no role or a role with the required permissions, you'll need to integrate the the IBA Rewards application into Shopfront.

The required permissions for the IBA Rewards integration are currently:

  • Modify Integrations,
  • Modify Payment Methods (to create and manage the IBA Loyalty payment method)

To do this, on Shopfront open the Menu and go to Setup then Integrations.


On this page you'll be presented with a list of integrations, scroll down to the IBA Rewards integration and press the blue Integrate button.

You'll then be redirected to the integration approval screen, select AUTHORIZE to continue.

After a moment you'll be redirected back to the Shopfront integrations page. Scroll back down to the IBA Rewards integration and press the green Settings button after it appears.


On the settings page you'll need to fill in each field (from the data obtained in the previous step) for each Outlet you want to be sending data to IBA.


Once the details have been filled in, press Save.

Creating the Promotion Category

The Top Drops or Bottle-O Rewards promotion category will need to be created for you to receive loyalty promotions. Follow the steps in the Promotion Categories article to create this.

Customising Your Receipt

To remain compliant with the IBA Rewards program you'll need to add additional content onto your receipt. To start with, follow the steps in the Adding Dynamic Fields to Receipts guide.

The code you need to add is:

{IF(sale.metaData.iba:loyalty:customer.MemberID, CONCAT("Thank you for your loyalty ", sale.metaData.iba:loyalty:customer.MemberName), "")}
{IF(sale.metaData.iba:loyalty:customer.MemberID, CONCAT("IBA Rewards Number: ", sale.metaData.iba:loyalty:customer.MemberID), "")}

Adding Sale Keys

The majority of functionality for IBA Rewards is started through the sale keys, you'll want to add at least the Add IBA Rewards Customer to Sale key to one of your Sale Key pages. Information regarding modifying the sale keys can be found here.


That's it! The IBA Rewards integration has been fully setup and is ready to go. To learn how to use the integration, visit our guide on IBA Rewards.

Note; After performing the integration, a new payment method for IBA Rewards will be automatically created, should you wish to rename the payment method, see Setting Up Payment Methods. A product will also be created after the integration process, which is used to apply the IBA Sign-Up reward product. If required, the product name can be modified from the product edit page.