All About Promotions

Promotion Categories

Express and Advanced Promotions can be assigned to a Promotion Category, enabling grouping and filtering within Shopfront. Below are some areas where promotional categories can be useful:

  • Banner Group Promotions require a promotional category to be set and linked
  • The promotions index page (where all of your promotions are listed), allows you to filter your list of promotions by promotional categories to narrow your search
  • Sales Reports can be filtered or grouped by promotional categories
  • Promotional Tickets can be filtered by promotional categories
  • Orders can have all products from a promotional category added to the order whilst allowing you to decide if a promotion should be indicated on the product when ordering
  • The Promotions Sale Key on the sell screen provides the ability to filter promotions by promotional categories


Creating a Promotion Category

Follow the steps below to create a new Promotion Category.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Promotion Categories
  4. Select + New to create a promotion category
  5. Type a description in the Name field
  6. If you wish to receive banner group promotions, select the relevant Promotion Source from the dropdown menu (only applies to outlets part of a banner group)
  7. Select Update


Edit Promotion Categories

You can modify settings for the already existing promotion categories. Please refer to the legend below for further details on modification options. 

Name The description as displayed on promotions and reports
Promotion Source The default categories exist in our MDB and can be linked here. Defaults like Banner Group Promotions have to be selected to receive e.g. your monthly specials for select integrated banner group promotions
Show on Order Define whether to display On Promotion under products currently on promotion or included in upcoming promotions
Include in Integrations  Define whether you want promotions in this category to be sent to other integrated e-commerce platforms
Promotions The count of promotions within this category
Actions: Edit Modify the current settings
Actions: Delete Delete the category
Show a promotional icon for products when creating an order Determines whether promotions assigned to the Promotion Category are flagged as being on promotion when creating an order (Accessed by selecting Edit)
Send promotions within this category to integrations This needs to be turned on to receive banner group promotions to the category (Accessed by selecting Edit)

Outlets to Receive Promotions

This allows you to choose which outlet integrated promotions apply to (Accessed by selecting Edit)