All About Promotions

How to Delete, Make Inactive or Change the Date of Promotions

You can easily delete, make inactive, or change the date of your promotions in bulk or individually.

Please note that you are automatically put into a banner group controlled by Shopfront. If you wish stop receiving those promotions you can easily delete or disconnect from the Banner Group Category.

1. Open Menu

2. Select Marketing

3. Select Promotions

4. Click the check box on the left hand side column of the promotion or promotions you want to edit.

5. Your options will appear at the bottom of your screen.


6. To delete promotions select Delete and click Continue on the following pop-up.


To make promotions inactive select Make Inactive and click Continue on the following pop-up.


To change the date of promotions select Change Dates and enter the new dates in the appropriate fields in the following pop-up and select Confirm to finalise your changes.


Note; If the promotion is still appearing in the register they may require Forced Synchronisation via the online globe. Please refer to the article for details.

Note; For details on how to add new promotions please view the article.