Customising Shopfront

Tyro Integrated EFTPOS

Set up of a Tyro Integrated EFTPOS Terminal

The article assumes that a payment method for Tyro has been set up and enabled in your register. If you still need to set up a Tyro payment method, please see the article Setting Up Payment Methods.

To pair your Tyro Terminal with Shopfront you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Sell Screen
  2. Try performing a sale and pay using the Tyro payment method
  3. A screen to pair your Tyro terminal will appear


  4. Please follow the instructions from Tyro to Pair the terminal. For more assistance on paring refer to the Tyro EFTPOS machine user guide or contact Tyro support. 

Setting up a Replacement Terminal

If you have a new Tyro EFTPOS terminal that is replacing a terminal that is integrated with Shopfront, the simplest way to enable the pairing of the new device involves clearing the pairing on the old terminal before integrating the new terminal. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Menu on the existing Tyro terminal and clear the pairing, for the exact steps to clear the pairing for your terminal, please contact Tyro.
  2. Once the pairing is successfully cleared from the old device, proceed with integrating the new Tyro terminal following the steps in Set up of a Tyro Integrated EFTPOS Terminal

If clearing the pairing from the old device is not possible, you can override the existing pairing by visiting the following link and inputting your new Tyro terminal credentials to override the existing pairing.


Tyro Settlement Information and Troubleshooting

EFTPOS settlements are typically performed at the end of the day after the store has processed its last transaction.

We highly recommend performing a settlement on a daily basis to ensure that the transactions recorded in Shopfront align with the settlement amount reflected by the bank.

Setting up automatic settlements on your terminal is recommended. This guarantees that if a settlement isn't performed, the EFTPOS transactions won't carry over to the next day's settlement. Should you need assistance in configuring automatic settlements, please reach out to Tyro.


Settlement Not Printing

If a settlement fails to print and the printer is working for other printing purposes, you will need to contact your bank or terminal provider for assistance. Otherwise, to troubleshoot a receipt printer that isn't working, see Receipt Printer Troubleshooting.


EFTPOS Settlement Doesn't Match the Shopfront Received in Register Closure

If you notice a discrepancy between the received EFTPOS in Shopfront and the Tyro settlement upon closing the register, please refer to the following Tyro troubleshooting article My POS and Tyro totals do not match up (Settlement discrepancy and confirming transactions).

How to Check if an Integrated EFTPOS Transaction has Approved on the Terminal

If you are unsure whether or not a transaction has been approved on the terminal, please refer to the Tyro troubleshooting article How to check if a transaction was approved? (confirming a transaction).