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Quick guide - Bluetooth Socket Scanner S800

Note; For the below steps to work, do not install the Socket Mobile companion app onto your device.

This guide provides the necessary steps to connect a Bluetooth device to the Socket Scanner S800. To access Shopfront on your device we recommend using the Google Chrome or Safari browser application. You will need your Shopfront store URL as well as your username and password to log in.


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Connecting the Scanner to Your Device

The scanner functions and communicates similar to a keyboard and will enable you to scan a barcode into any selected text areas.

  1. Power on the scanner, ensuring the scanner is discoverable (unpaired)

  2. Navigate to your device's Bluetooth settings

  3. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on

  4. In the list of found devices, select Socket CHS [xxxxxx] and select Pair

  5. The status should change to Connected and once paired the scanner should beep once to indicate it has connected

Note: If you have trouble connecting or pairing with the host device, try turning the host device’s Bluetooth off/on. 


To use your device's on-screen keyboard with an iPhone or iPad while the scanner is connected, you will need to double-tap the power button on the Socket Scanner (similar to double-clicking a mouse). If you prefer the on-screen keyboard to open without needing to double-tap the power button, installing the Socket Mobile Keyboard App is necessary. Additional details can be found in the Commonly Asked Questions section of this article. This is only relevant for iPhones and iPads.


Indicators and Program Guide

Light Indication Guide


Note: On newer models of the S800 that have removable batteries, the light will blink red while charging and will not have a solid red LED light. It will still have a solid green light when it is 100% charged.

Factory Reset will restore the scanner to Factory Default settings (configured as shipped).



Add a Carriage Return (Enter Key):

To add an Enter key after a barcode is scanned, scan the barcode below (this barcode may need to be printed for the Socket Scanner to pick up the scan).

To find further information and programming options, check out the SocketScan® 800 Series UserGuide, the user guide can also be downloaded from the attachment at the bottom of this article.


Commonly Asked Questions

I am using an iPhone or iPad and the onscreen keyboard doesn't open without double tapping the power button on the scanner

By default iPhones and iPads require you to double-tap the power button on the side of the socket scanner each time you need your on-screen keyboard to appear.

To configure your iPhone or iPad to produce the onscreen keyboard when a text box is selected, you will need to install the SM Keyboard by Socket Mobile from the Apple App Store.

Once you have installed the Socket Mobile keyboard app, navigate to your browser of choice and select the globe at the bottom of the keyboard until the Socket Mobile keyboard appears. While this keyboard is enabled, your onscreen keyboard should appear each time a textbox is selected.

Note: If you see a red bar with "Allow Full Access to use a Socket Mobile reader", you can enable full access by vavigating to your iPhone or iPad Settings > Select General > Select Keyboard > Select Keyboards > Select SM Keyboard > Toggle on Allow Full Access.


I previously had the Socket Scanner paired to a device and need to connect it to a new device

To pair the socket scanner to a new device, you will need to ensure it is in discoverable mode. The steps below will guide you through this process.

  1. If the previously connected device is in range, navigate to the previously connected device's Bluetooth settings and disconnect or forget the Socket Scanner
  2. With the Socket Scanner turned on, press the trigger button and the power button and hold both until you hear 3 beeps
  3. The scanner will unpair and automatically power off. The next time you power on the scanner, on any device it should be discoverable in that devices Bluetooth settings


I installed the Socket Scanner Companion App and can't get barcodes to scan in Shopfront

We highly recommend that you do not install the Socket Mobile Companion app onto your device, if you have installed the app and can't get the scanner to work with Shopfront, follow the steps below.

  1. Uninstall the Socket Mobile Companion app from your device
  2. Navigate to the phone's Bluetooth settings and forget the Socket CHS [xxxxxx] device
  3. With the Socket Scanner turned on, press the trigger button and the power button and hold both until you hear 3 beeps
  4. Scan the factory default barcode below (turns off scanner)
  5. Turn on the scanner and scan the Basic Mode HID barcode below
  6. Follow the steps to Pair the Scanner to Your Device.