Customising Shopfront

How to Setup Statement Templates

Shopfront features customisable statement templates to provide your own look and feel to customer account statements. A statement is emailed as a PDF attachment with a body of text. To modify or create a statement template, complete the following:

Note: Your subscription requires the Standard Plan to enable this feature.

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Statements
  4. Select + New (to create a new template) or click Edit on the existing template you wish to modify


List of Components and Settings:

mceclip1.png Text
  • Add and modify text with all common text processing tools
  • Modify the Background Colour
  • Modify the padding
  • Add and modify a border
mceclip2.png Image
  • Add or change the logo via the Media Centre
  • Set Image dimensions if other than default
  • Modify the Background Colour
  • Add and modify a border
mceclip4.png Spacer
  • Set the Height of the space to add between components
mceclip5.png Columns
  • Set the width percentage of the columns
  • Add and modify a border
mceclip0.png Overview
  • Displays the selected date range
  • Displays the overdue balance, current balance, and the total
mceclip2.png Actions
  • A list of invoices and payments within the set date range including invoice numbers, date, totals and outstanding balances for each line
mceclip3.png Credit Terms
  • Displays the number of days and balance due


Modify Email Signature 

In addition to fully customisable statements Shopfront also offers the ability to modify the outgoing automatic email template. The subject line can be customised as well as the email body including your signature line.

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Statements
  4. Select Configure 
Reply to address Enter an email address replies to the statement email will be directed to.
Subject Template

Modify the automatic subject line. Please note; The {start} to {end} section is linked to the specific statement and will be generated automatically. For other dynamic fields to use please see the list below. 

Template Add your message to the customers. This can include a greeting, body text, and individual signature. 


List of Dynamic Fields

The dynamic fields listed below can be added to the statement email body. These fields will automatically be populated given the corresponding data has been entered for a customer. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the sender of a statement email displayed as Shopfront when an email is received?

The sender will be displayed as Shopfront when a reply email hasn't been specified in the configuration section of the statement. Once a reply to address has been entered, it will default to your selected outlet's name, or the first outlet name if you are in global mode.


Can I assign a statement template to a customer group?

You can assign a statement to a customer group when Allow Account Sales is enabled for a customer group.