Learning Shopfront

What is the Location Selector?

When you first access Shopfront on a new device, you will be prompted by a Location Selector dialogue box. Each location selection will cause Shopfront to behave differently, your options may include a Register, Outlet or Global Mode.


Register Each register location can only be used by one device at a time, if you need to access the sell screen, you'll need to select a register (If you would like to add more registers please visit the Account & Billing section of Shopfront).
Outlet (Not using a register)

To access Shopfront for non-selling related reasons, select Not using a register, there is no restriction on how many devices can access this location simultaneously.

Global Mode (Not at an Outlet) If your Shopfront vendor has multiple outlets, and you are accessing Shopfront for non-selling related reasons and you don't wish to view data for a specific outlet, you may select the option Not at an outlet (Global Mode) (if you plan on printing receipts or statements, it is best to choose a register or outlet)



How to Change Your Location

If you need to change your location, the location selector is located in the top right-hand corner of your Shopfront application.


Follow the steps below on your device to change your location in Shopfront.

  1. Select the location selector icon
  2. Once your location selector appears, select the name of the outlet you wish to access
  3. You will now be prompted to choose a register, or alternatively, you can select Not using a register

Note; To restrict certain users from having the ability to change the location see Roles and Permissions.

How to Check Your Current Location

Hovering the mouse (without clicking) over the location selector will display the name of your current location.