Managing Customers

How to Create Customers

Customers can be created in Shopfront for a number of different functions, such as, account sales, loyalty, promotions and price lists. 

Note: Before creating customers, you may wish to setup customer groups such as loyalty customers and account customers.

To create your individual customers follow the steps below, if you have a sales key icon created you can also create customers from the register:

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. Select Customer Management 
  3. Select Customers
  4. To create a new customer select the Add Customer icon in the top left corner of the screen
  5. Fill in the customer's name either by using the creation wizard or select skip to create customer from template.
  6. To ensure the customer has the desired functions make sure they are applied to the appropriate customer group
  7. Once you have completed filling in the relevant details for your customer select Save Customer


Note: You can modify the Customer Creation Wizard to customise to your specifications Select this link for further information