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What Does Channel, Version & Device Mean in Shopfront?

At the bottom of the Shopfront menu, you will find your Channel, Version and Device information.



Shopfront supports a number of different release channels.

  • Canary
  • Beta
  • Release

These channels are used to test and roll out or roll back updates safely. If a channel has reported no issues with an update then the update is moved on to the next channel and so on. Canary is the first channel to receive the most recent updates with only a small amount of stores. The Beta channel contains a larger percentage of stores and receives the updates before the remaining percentage of stores within the release channel.

If Shopfront has advised you that your channel has been changed, in order to instantly push this update to your site, follow the steps below.  

  1. Refresh your page, (this may take up to four page refreshes for channel change to take effect)
  2. You will be presented with the Shopfront log-in page and will need to re-enter your user credentials
  3. Select and scroll to the bottom of the Shopfront Menu to check that the channel has changed




The version is a unique set of numbers and letters given to each specific Shopfront release.



Each device that uses Shopfront is given a unique name, this helps to identify which devices are accessing your vendor.