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Troubleshooting a Background Worker has Failed to Start Error Message

In some instances, there may be an error message displayed at the top of the browser when accessing Shopfront.


If this error message does appear, it means that there are Shopfront background workers that have failed to load into the browser within the expected amount of time. There are a number of reasons this error message can appear, if the link is selected and the error message consistently returns, we recommend checking the possible reasons listed below.


Internet Connection

If the internet speed is consistently slow, we recommend contacting your internet service provider
Programs installed on the PC using high CPU, such as cameras
Windows Updates
  • Windows requires updating - Refer to the Windows link for instructions on Checking for new Windows updates
  • Windows updates in progress - If there are Windows updates running in the background this can slow down the PC

Browser Version

Check if there are any pending Google Chrome updates on your browser, refer to the Google Chrome help guide
Device Specifications

The minimum recommended Shopfront specifications for a PC are below:

  • Minimum i5 (7th Gen) processor
  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • SSD or M.2
  • Windows 10 or 11