Managing Products

Export of Products with Duplicate Barcodes

In Shopfront you have the ability to store numerous barcodes within a product. Overtime you may find that you have accidentally entered the same barcode over numerous products. To find these duplicate barcodes, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Select More
  4. Select External Stocktake
  5. Press Export Stocktake File
  6. Open Excel and create a new blank excel document
  7. Open the Data menu and select Get Data
  8. Select From File and then From Text/CSV 
  9. Select the CSV file you exported which is located in your downloads folder
  10. Select Transform Data
  11. Right click the Barcode column, change the type to Text
  12. Click Close & Load and it should be displaying correctly
  13. In the Home tab select the Conditional Formatting button
  14. Select Highlight Cells Rules
  15. Select Duplicate Values.
  16. Click on the Data menu
  17. Select Filter
  18. Click the drop down arrows select Filter by Color and filter by the colour used for the duplicates
  19. Sort the barcode column from A to Z so that the products sharing the same barcode are next to each other.