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Surcharging Scenarios

This article describes the common scenarios that might be encountered when using surcharging, we presume you've already setup the surcharging by following the surcharging setup article.




Surcharges work in Shopfront's reporting system similar to how a product works, they'll have their own line in the product reports and are filterable by searching for "Surcharge". The name of the line will always be "Surcharge" (not the custom name you set in the surcharging setup screen).



Surcharges do not accrue any profit in Shopfront, this may make your profit percentage lower overall for the day, however it will not affect a product's individual profit percentage.


Customer Display Screen_Shot_2022-04-12_at_3.05.41_pm.png

The surcharge amount appears at the bottom of the sale table on your customer display. It will use your custom name for the surcharge on the screen.




Surcharge amounts will automatically on receipts at the top of any Totals table, this will use your custom name for the surcharge.


Gift Cards

Internal gift cards and EFTPOS refund items (such as the IBA gift card) do have the surcharge applied to them.



There is no difference when discounting an individual item. However, when discounting the total sale, we'll include the surcharge amount in the total. For example, if you have a product with a sell price of $45 and a surcharge of 5% ($2.25) then discount the sale down to $40, we'll automatically discount the product down to $38.10 and the surcharge will become $1.90.







When a sale is parked, any surcharge that is currently on the sale will be removed, if a parked sale is restored during a period a surcharge is active, the surcharge will apply to the parked sale.



The surcharge will be automatically removed from the sale when any item on the sale is being refunded (has a quantity lower than zero). This may result in a different price for the overall sale compared to when the customer purchased the items, however the individual items will be the same price.


Live Profit

Because surcharging doesn't increase your profit, the overall profit percentage on the sale will be lower than the individual products and the cost will be higher.



Register Closures


The register closure summary includes the total value of the surcharge that was applied for the day. If no surcharge was applied, this row will not appear.



The surcharge amount on a sale does not accrue any loyalty points (the remainder of the products on the sale do).

A customer can use loyalty points to redeem the full value of the transaction including the surcharge. The surcharge will use the default redemption rate set in the Loyalty settings for the current Outlet.