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Setting Up Docket Printing

Shopfront has the ability to print a docket printout (also known as kitchen printing) automatically for specific products sold. The below steps assume that you only have one receipt printer connected to your PC via USB.


Installing the Docket Printer

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel
  2. Click on Hardware and Sound
  3. Click on Devices and Printers
  4. Click on Add a printer up the top left of the window
  5. Select The printer I want isn't listed at the bottom of the window
  6. Select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings
  7. Under Use an existing port, select USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB) and press Next
  8. Under Manufacturer, select Generic
  9. Under Printers select Generic / Text Only (Select the latest version)
  10. Enter a suitable name for the printer like 'Docket Printer' and click Next
  11. Select Do not share this printer and click Next
  12. You can check to see if the printer has been configured successfully by printing a test page before you exit the setup wizard


Setting a Product Tag to Print Through the Docket Printer

The products you want printing through the docket print function will need to be assigned to a specific tag, you can learn more about product tags here, Classifications. See the steps below which shows how to assign a tag to Docket Printing.

  1. In your Shopfront store, open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Hardware
  4. In the Docket Printing section, assign the Docket Printer to the desired tags
  5. Select Save


Whenever you finalise a transaction that includes a product with a tag assigned to the Docket Printer, it will print out a Docket receipt for that specific product.

Note; if the text is light or difficult to read, it is most likely because you have selected the default receipt printer rather than selecting the newly created 'Docket Printer'.