Managing Products

How to Add a Barcode to Display on Shelf Tickets

To add a barcode to any of your existing templates, you can follow the steps below:

Note; For further information on editing and designing shelf ticket templates refer to How to Edit Shelf Tickets Templates.

  1. Export any product(s) from the Shopfront shelf tickets page
  2. Open the template you wish to add a barcode to
  3. Go to the Insert tab and select the barcode.
  4. Draw the location in the space you wish to add the barcode into
  5. Select the barcode area (there should be a cursor visible in the space)
  6. Select the Database tab and select Insert Field
  7. Select BARCODE and press Insert
  8. Right-click on your barcode area and select Format Barcode
  9. Now change the barcode type to Code 39, tick Adjust Size and press ok 
  10. You may need to play around with the sizing of the barcode and test that the scanner picks up the barcode
  11. Once the barcode has been added, ensure that the template is saved for further use

The sizing in the barcode image below is an example of the appropriate sizing to be picked up by a barcode scanner.​