Gift Cards

Redeeming Gift Cards via Vii

Vii is an end-to-end physical and digital gift card provider. If you're part of an IBA banner and on the Liquor Banner Group Integrations subscription you can redeem gift cards directly within Shopfront by activating the Vii integration.


Setting up the Vii Integration

Before you can redeem a Vii gift card, you must first setup the integration. You'll need a CATI (Card Acceptor Terminal Identification) and potentially a CAIC (Card Acceptor Identification Code) before you get started. If you don't have these, you'll need to either contact Metcash directly or get in touch with us and we'll reach out to Metcash on your behalf.

Once you have your CATI (and CAIC), you'll want to head to the Integrations page (Menu > Setup > Integrations) then press the Integrate button next to Vii.

Follow the prompts and approve the integration, then after the next sync there will be a Settings button that you'll need to press and then enter your CATI and CAIC. You'll also need to enter a AIIC (Acquiring Institution Identification Code), we currently support the following AIICs, the one you should use depends on your banner group:

  • 10276 (Porter's Liquor)

After entering the credentials, press the save button.

Setting up the integration will automatically create a Vii Gift Card payment method, however, you will need to enable the Vii Gift Card in any register you want to redeem gift cards on.


Redeeming a Vii Gift Card

Once set up, redeeming a gift card is simple:

  1. Add the products to the sale,
  2. Press the finalise sale button,
  3. Select the Vii Gift Card,
  4. Enter or scan the gift card number,
  5. Enter the gift card pin,
  6. Specify the amount to pay,
  7. Complete the payment

You can use Vii Gift Cards as a multi-payment if required (including multiple Vii Gift Cards in one sale).

If you wish to reverse the gift card being used during the sale, simply press the trash button next to the completed payment in the finalise sale screen - this will automatically reverse the funds onto the gift card.

There is no way to reverse the funds onto a gift card after the sale is completed, instead you can refund the amount onto another payment method.