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LMG Ecommerce Integration - How to Send a Current Product Pricing Export to LMG

This article is for stores that already have an active LMG Ecommerce integration set up in Shopfront. To set up the integration refer to Integrating an eCommerce store with Shopfront.

The steps below are necessary if you have promotional or everyday price changes which need to be updated by LMG immediately.  

1. Select Menu
2. Select Setup
3. Select Integrations
4. Find and select Settings for the Liquor Marketing Group
5. Select Export
6. Wait for the notification to appear in the notifications panel at the top right of the screen (approximately 5-15 minutes)
7. Select the notification LMG Exported and download the CSV file to any location
8. Email the downloaded CSV file to LMG

Note: When the data is sent to the FTP server on routine the data is manipulated by LMG. Do not attempt to directly import the downloaded CSV file into your e-commerce platform as it may cause duplicate data.