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How to Setup and Activate the Hump Club Offers

Hump Club is a reward program initiated by Thirsty Camel that tailors promotional offers to loyal customers. 

Activating the Hump Club integration

To enable Hump Club, you will need to request a Store Code from Thirsty Camel Head Office.

You can continue with the steps below once you have been provided with your Hump Club Store Code.

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Integrations
  4. Locate the Thirsty Camel Hump Club integration and select Integrate


  5. Select Authorise
  6. Select Settings for the Hump Club integration
  7. Select the toggle to Enable Hump Club
  8. Enter the Store Code
  9. Select Save

Setting up the Hump Club Sale Keys

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Sale Keys
  4. Locate and select Edit beside your preferred Sale Keys Page (i.e. Home Keys)
  5. Resize your existing sale keys to make room for your new sale key
  6. Select+ Add Sale Key
  7. Select Lookup deals from the hump club from the Action dropdown list.
    Further customisations can be made to the Sale Key such as uploading and selecting a Hump Club image. Read our article about how to modify Sales Keys if you require further assistance.
  8. Optionally, you can create a second Sale Key with the Action to Remove the deals from the hump club. This gives the sales clerk the ability to deactivate an activated offer without having to remove and re-add the product(s) to the sell screen. 

Signing up Customers to Hump Club

Customers are required to sign up via the Thirsty Camel website.

Activating Hump Club Offers

You can either activate the offers first or scan the customer products first. The order of this process does not matter.

  1. Select your Hump Club sale key
  2. Scan the customer's Hump Club card or enter their phone number
  3. Select Search
  4. Locate the offer or offers and select Activate 
  5. Scan or add your products to the sale or finalise the sale depending on your situation.

Note, once an offer has been redeemed it will no longer be available for that customer.

You may notice within the offer screen Unknown item, this means that the barcode provided by Thirsty Camel cannot be matched to any barcodes within your product file.