Managing Products

Importing an Advanced Product CSV File Into Shopfront

Shopfront features an advanced CSV importer for products that use dynamic columns to set multiple prices, barcodes and inventory levels.

Note: We also have a basic CSV importer which is simpler to use, but only allows you to have one price and barcode. If your use-case supports it, we would recommend using the basic importer instead.

Note: Whilst this is more powerful than the basic product importer, it doesn't allow for the addition of every possible field, if you need to import anything that isn't available on this importer, you can use our developer API.

To import products via an advanced CSV file:

  1. Select the Menu icon,
  2. Select Stock Management,
  3. Select Products,
  4. Located in the top right-hand corner, select the icon Functions,
  5. Select Advanced Product Importer,
  6. Select a file,
  7. Select Import

Your CSV file can contain the following columns:

Column Description Required Default Value
name The name of the product Yes N/A
category The UUID of the category this product belongs to No No Category
case_quantity The case quantity of the product If prices are specified  1
barcode_code_(n) The nth barcode's code No None
barcode_qty_(n) The nth barcode's quantity No None
price_inc_(n) The nth price's price (inclusive of tax) No None
price_qty_(n) The nth price's quantity No None
inv_(outlet) The inventory level at the provided Outlet (in total items) No None
inv_reorder_level_(outlet) The inventory reorder point at the provided Outlet (in total items) No None
inv_reorder_amount_(outlet) The inventory reorder amount at the provided Outlet (in total items) No None
cost_last_(outlet) The last case cost at the provided Outlet (inclusive of tax) No $0
cost_avg_(outlet) The average case cost at the provided Outlet (inclusive of tax) No $0
supplier The UUID of the supplier for this product If supplier_code is specified No Supplier
supplier_code The supplier code for this product No None
tax_rate The UUID of the tax rate for this product No No tax
  • Where (outlet) exists, you'll need to substitute the UUID of the Outlet,
  • Where (n) exists, you'll need to specify an incrementing number starting at one, for example if you have three prices at the price points 1, 6 and 24 with the prices being $4.99, $20.99, $45.99 respectfully, you'll need to specify the columns like so:
price_inc_1 price_qty_1 price_inc_2 price_qty_2 price_inc_3 price_qty_3
$4.99 1 $20.99 6 $45.99 24



  • Column order does not matter,
  • Columns are case sensitive,
  • All other columns present will be ignored,
  • Sell / Cost fields can include the currency symbol (e.g. "$"),
  • Fields that have (outlet) or (n) in their name must not have brackets in the column name,
  • To find a UUID refer to How To Find a UUID