Learning Shopfront

Configure Barcode Templates

Barcode templates allow you to define a barcode structure. When this unique barcode is scanned it translates into a product and price on the sell screen. (e.g. for deli labels or lotto tickets).

Enable Barcode Templates

To configure barcode templates you will first need to enable the option for your store.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Setup > General
  2. Scroll down to the Use barcode templates toggle under General
  3. Toggle this setting on to enable barcode templates

Create Barcode Templates

Once the use of barcode templates has been enabled, we'll need to create templates for your products to use. The most common uses here are deli or lotto barcodes. 

  1. Navigate to Menu > Setup > Barcode Templates
  2. To create a template click on the + New button at the top of the screen 
  3. Name the template (e.g. Lotto)

Barcode Template Setup

When the template has been created, you will need to configure the specifics. Please refer to the linked guide on Lotto Integration to generate the lotto templates. If you are setting up a different template, e.g. deli, please have a look at the barcode on the products you are configuring. 

  1. Select the pencil icon shown in the Template column
  2. Enter a code matching your barcode into the Template field e.g. 2XXXXXX$$$CC
  3. Select Done

Code Options for Template Setup

Barcode templates are made of multiple parts which are specified by letters, these letters then transform the barcode into a quantity or a price (or both) as well as identify the product.

The following codes are available to use:

$ A zero filled amount of dollars ($$$$ | 0012 | $12)
C A zero-filled amount of cents (left aligned) (CCCC | 1230 | $0.123)
Q A zero filled quantity (QQQQ | 0001 | 1)
X A product identifier (XXX | 123 | Product with barcode 123)
? Any unknown character

You can use any other character as a literal character that will appear on the barcode.

If you wish to use one of the codes as a literal value, you'll need to escape it by using a backward slash ("\") (e.g. if you wish to use the letter "Q" on the barcode you have to write it as "\Q").

Common Formats

  • Wedderburn Deli Scales: 2XXXXX$$$CC?
  • Lotto Barcodes: 2874XX$$$CC?

Read the following article for product setup information in relation to the Lotto Integration.

Product Setup

Once the template has been configured, you can enter the code for products. The code to enter is the product identifier only. This will either be the Xs, or leading barcode numbers, or a combination of both as entered into the template. 

  1. Navigate to Menu > Stock Management > Products
  2. Select Edit for the product you wish to modify
  3. Enable the Use Barcode Templates toggle
  4. Scroll to the Barcodes section
  5. Change the template by selecting from the drop-down menu
  6. Enter Quantity "1"
  7. Enter the Code
  8. Click Save to finalise

Note; It is important to only enter the product identifier into the code, the price or weight portion of the barcode will be picked up when you scan the product for a sale.