Managing Products

How to Export and Print Shelf Tickets

Shopfront has the capability to connect to an external program, DesignPro, to create and print shelf tickets. The shelf tickets are created by linking the shopfront database to codes on templates. Modifying and saving a template will change the way all tickets printed using this template will look. We provide our default templates to you. If you wish to modify these, please refer to our article on How to Edit Shelf Tickets

Note; Tickets for your integrated banner group promotions are printed through a company called Ticket-IT. For any queries, please contact the Ticket-IT support or your banner group representative. 


Exporting Shelf Tickets

To print shelf tickets, you will first need to export selected products from Shopfront to DesignPro. Everyday Tickets are your products' standard price points. Please refer to our guide on Promotional Tickets to edit or print your in-store specials. 

Note; If Design Pro hasn't been installed see How to install Avery Design Pro for Shelf Tickets.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Marketing > Shelf tickets
  2. Select Everyday Tickets
  3. Listed here are all products currently waiting to be printed due to name or price changes
  4. Select products to print by ticking the checkboxes
  5. Click Export
Search Bar Search to add additional products individually or by classification
Product Grouping Choose a grouping option to rearrange how products are listed
Price Set If Price Sets are configured for your outlet you can choose to print tickets for a specific price set
Add All Products

Click to add all products to the list. Once clicked you will get the option to choose between:
Only Positive Inventory to add products with a current stock of a minimum 1 item
All Products to add all products in your file regardless of current stock

Remove Selected Click to delete any selected products from the list
View Prices Toggle to display all configured price points for each product
Export Click to export selected products to be opened with DesignPro


Printing Shelf Tickets

Once the products are exported you are guided to the Ticket Template folder on your device. This may be set up directly on the C: Drive, via a network connection, or an alternative sharing folder. The linked template folder will flash in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. 

  1. Select the flashing ticket template folder in the taskbar
  2. Choose which size and type of template you need to print
  3. Double click on the chosen template to open the DesignPro file
  4. Select the Print Preview on the DesignPro file to preview the tickets
  5. Click Print

Note; Please ensure the correct printer is selected when you print the shelf tickets.