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How to Connect and Troubleshoot the Dell P2418HT Touch Screen Monitor

If the touch sensor is not working on your Dell P2418HT Touch Screen Monitor the steps below will help troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Restart the Touch Screen Monitor by turning off and on the power button, which is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the monitor.

  2. Check that the USB cable is connected to the monitor and the computer, the cable responsible for the touch sensor is a USB A to USB B cable, to ensure that this is correctly plugged in, completely disconnect the cable and reconnect it, when reconnecting the cable to the computer, you may want to use a different USB port to rule out an issue with a particular USB port.


  3. Open Window's Device Manager (click the Windows icon on your taskbar and search Device Manager), and confirm HID-compliant touch screen is visible under Human Interface Devices. If this isn't visible, it means that the USB cable isn't being detected by the computer, this may mean that the USB cable needs to be replaced or that the USB port on the computer is faulty.

  4. If the device is connected you should also see it as a Hub Controller within the Control Panel - Devices and Printers.



If the steps above don't address the issue, check out the link below to the Dell website for further troubleshooting tips for the Dell P2418HT Touch Screen Monitor.