Learning Shopfront

Display Proof of Age Date

The steps below show how to add a sales key to show a previous date, in the example below the date shown on the sales key will be eighteen years ago to the day.

Start by creating a new sales key:

  1. Menu > Setup > Sales Keys
  2. Choose which page you would like to add the sales key to and Select Edit
    Note: You may need to resize an existing sales key in order to make space for a new sales key before completing the next step
  3. Select + Add Sale Key
  4. Resize the new sales keys to fit the area.

Once you have created the key, the configuration is as follows:

  1. Set Action to View a Previous Date
  2. In the text box Duration Ago type "P18Y"
  3. Change the key name by typing e.g. "Proof of Age" into the Normal Text box
  4. Click Save to finalise and apply the changes



Please refer to the Sales Key guide on how to create and modify sales keys following the instructions in the linked article: Sales Keys.