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How to Show the Sales Value for Specific Products on a Register Closure

To view revenue for specified products in your register closure view page, this can be achieved by applying Close Register Tags.

Before applying Register Closure Tags, you will need to ensure that a tag has been applied to all of the products that you want to show the revenue for. For instructions on how to apply products to a tag read our article about Classifications.

Applying Tags to Close Register Tags

Follow the steps below to apply Close Register Tags. 

Note: This process will need to be repeated for each register that you want the Tag Revenue to appear on.

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. Select Setup > Registers & Outlets
  3. Find the register(s) that you will be applying the tags to and select Edit
  4. Scroll down to Close Register Tags, search and apply the designated tags
  5. Select Save



Viewing Register Closure Tags

After closing a register which has Close Register Tags, the accumulated revenue will appear separately for each tag. This will also be printed on the register closure printout summary.


The following articles provide further information on How to Perform a Register Closure and the Viewing Previous Register Closures.