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How to Resend Scan Data to IBA

This article only applies to stores that are part of an IBA banner group (The Bottle-O, Cellarbrations and Porters). 

If the IBA integration is active within Shopfront, sales data is sent to IBA upon closing your register. This is process is also known as scan data.  

Click the link for more information on How to Perform a Register Closure.

Resending Scan Data

If IBA fails to receive your scan data, you will be notified and required to resend your scan data for a period of time to receive your financial benefits.

To resend your scan data, follow the steps below. 

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. From your menu select Reporting
  3. Select Register Closures
  4. Find the date of the register closure(s) requiring resending and select View (optionally choose a date range to only show register closures between a specified date
  5. Select Integrations tab
  6. Select Resend to IBA

If you have multiple registers, you will need to resend each register closure for the time period required.


Upon resending a register closure, you should see a message stating 'Starting to send the sales to IBA'.


If the scan data was successfully sent you will see the following message 'Sales were successfully sent to IBA'.


Checking Integrations

If you are unable to see the integrations tab in your register closures. You will need to check if the integrations have been enabled.  

  • Go to Menu > Setup > Integrations
  • Find Independant Brands Australia Integration - Developed by Shopfront.
  • You should be able to see two options Settings and Revoke

If you are unable to see Settings. You will need Revoke and perform the integration. Here is some more information on How to Integrate IBA Scan Data.