Managing Customers

Customer Merge

Shopfront allows you to merge customers. This is a handy function in case of a duplicate customer being created. Shopfront will merge their sales, loyalty points and any balance owing. You will be able to merge two or more customers into one and have the ability to choose the customer details of the newly merged customer.

Please Note: There is no way to reverse the process once the customers have been merged. 

Merging customers 

To merge customers, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Customer Management
  3. Select Customers
  4. Select </> Functions on the top of the screen
  5. Select Merge Customers

You will now be in the Customer Merge Page. To add customers to Merge.

  1.  Press + to add a customer.
  2. Search the customer 
  3. Press Add

Follow the steps above to add the other customers you wish to merge. 

Once all of the customers have been added, you can now start selecting the customer details you wish to keep for your new merged customer. You can add the customer details in various ways either by

  • Typing the new information in the Results Column
  • Selecting a section you wish to keep from a particular customer by selecting Select Section.
  • Selecting each value from one of the customers you wish to keep.

You will be able to review the customer's detailed information for the new merged customer under the Results column. 

To merge the customers select Complete, you will be greeted with a confirmation and a list of your customers being merged.

Press Continue to complete the process.