Managing Inventory

How to Create a Transfer Report

​A report specifically for transfers can be created and optionally set up dynamically to be send automatically via email. 

Note; On details on How to Create a Transferee, How to Create a Transfer or Transferring Stock between Outlets, please see the linked articles. 


  1. Navigate to Menu > Reporting > Transfer Reports
  2. Change the Report Type to Transferee
  3. Change Date & Time to span the last completed month (e.g. Sept)
  4. Select Save 
  5. Optionally toggle on Dynamic Time Period
  6. Set the Dynamic Type to Month(s) and the Amount to 1
  7. Select Save


Note Step 5. above; Leaving this toggle off the report is saved statically (for the specific date range they were set to when they were last saved). When this toggle is turned on instead, it saves the report dynamically, which means when viewed the report will reflect the time frame selected when the report was last saved relative to today's date. I.e. if the report was set to reflect e.g. the last two weeks, this report's date range will adjust and always show the past two weeks. 


Clicking Save on the dialogue box opens the Favourite Reports index page. Alternatively, this page can be reached by navigating to Menu > Reporting > Favourite Reports.

  1. Select Settings
  2. Toggle on Enable automatic emails
  3. Change the Time Period to Monthly
  4. Enter your email address(es)
  5. Select Save to finalise