Preparing Your Store

Installation of a Pole Mount for a Touch Screen and Customer Facing Display

Step 1
Drill a hole in the counter benchtop if no hole exists. The hole should approximately be 45mm in diameter.

The location of the hole should be determined by;

  • Temporarily positioning the pole mount and visualising the screen distance from the sales clerk
  • The overhang and position of the customer-facing display
  • Ensure the cables to come through the countertop hole will bypass the cash drawer to the PC.
  • The hole is within the desired cavity as some countertops overhang. 

Step 2
Take apart the pole mount by unscrewing the ring at the halfway point. The top and bottom half should be fully separated. This enables the drill to have better access when fixing the base to the countertop.

Step 3 
Centre the supplied installation template over the countertop hole and partially screw the four black 14 Gauge Screws (x4) into the benchtop.

Remove these screws and template and line up the base of the pole over the four pre-drilled holes and ensure the lower cable access hole is pointing towards the sales clerk and not the customer.

Drill the four screws into the base of the pole until the pole is firmly in place. The screws should be flush with the silver base plate. Do not over screw as you may weaken the bite of the screw into the countertop.

Step 4
Attach the black screw ring cover.

Step 5
Feed the cables for the devices that will be sitting on the counter into the lower cable access hole. Devices may include a barcode scanner, receipt printer, keyboard, mouse and EFTPOS terminal.


Step 6
The monitor cables will need to run up the pole further, once all of these cables have been located to the halfway part of the pole, you should reinstall the upper half of the pole and thread the cable through the upper cable access hole (pictured below).

There should be five cables to come through the upper access hole. It's best to start with the thickest cables first, most likely the power cable.

Ensure that there are three cables for the touch screen - USB, power and display cable (DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA) and two cables for the customer-facing display screen - power and display cable (DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA).


Step 7
Screw the bottom half and the top half of the pole mount back together and install the top cap, this may need a slight knock with a hammer if it does not push down easily.


Step 8
Attach the mounting plates to the back of the monitor screens.

There should be eight 10mm screws (four for each monitor). Unscrew the four supplied screws in the back of the monitor (you can also use these screws), place the plate onto the back of the monitor and screw the plate securely onto the monitor (see image below for the direction of the plate)

Step 9
Attach the monitor to the pole and install the security screw.

Step 10
Adjust the tension of the VESA ball mount with the supplied allan key in order to tilt the monitors up, down and sideways, it is recommended that you loosen these screws just enough so that it is firm but can tilt when a small amount of pressure is applied.



Note: The pole mount is height adjustable. These are the dimensions;

Pole fully extended
Top of screen height: 60cm
Clearance below screen: 29cm

Pole lowered
Top of screen height: 49.5cm
Clearance below screen: 18.5cm