Managing Inventory

Selling or Transferring Stock to Another Vendor With Shopfront

Shopfront allows you to sell or transfer stock to another company using Shopfront and have them receive the order as an invoice. It requires minor setup on the sender-side and allows the receiver to quickly receive the invoice by having their products automatically input, balanced and matched.

Setup the Connection

Before you sell to the other Vendor, you'll need to setup the connection between the two stores, this is done using a feature called Vendor Connections, you can access this by opening the menu, expanding Utilities and the selecting Vendor Connections

For both the sender and the receiver, you'll need to create a new Vendor Connection by pressing the New button. We suggest naming the connection the same name as the other store, however you can use any name you like (it is not visible to the other Vendor).

Once the Vendor Connection has been connected, you'll be shown a screen containing the name of the connection, a Sender Code, Linked Customer field and the receiving details. The sender will need to provide the Sender Code to the other Vendor which they can insert into the Receiving Code field on the same page of their connection.

If you're the sender and you're selling stock to the other Vendor, you'll also need to link the connection to an already created customer.

Selling to Another Vendor

Once the Vendor connection has been setup, you can perform a sale as you normally would. When the Linked Customer is added to a sale and the sale has been completed (not cancelled or parked) the invoice will be automatically inserted into the other Vendor's store.

Note: Adding the Linked Customer after the sale is complete does not send the invoice to the other Vendor.

Transferring Stock to Another Vendor

Transferring stock works the same way that transferring to a Transferee works, go to Orders & Invoices, select Transfer Stock, set the To field to the name of your Vendor Connection and complete the Transfer as per normal, once the transfer has been sent it will be automatically be added into the other Vendor's store ready to be received.

Receive Stock from Another Vendor

Once you've setup the Vendor Connection, inserted the Receiving Code and have received an invoice from the other Vendor, you're ready to receive the stock. You'll receive a notification whenever the other Vendor sends stock to you, which you can press on to go directly to the invoice, you can also find the order by going to the Orders & Invoices page (it'll be listed as Outstanding).

Receiving the stock works the same way as receiving an invoice from a supplier. For more information, please refer to the receiving stock documentation.