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Setting up IBA E-Commerce (Shop MyLocal)

IBA E-Commerce is an online marketplace for the liquor industry that is managed and maintained by Metcash. To join, please contact Metcash head office or your business development manager (BDM).

The setup for IBA E-Commerce and Shopfront is a multi-stage process. First, you'll need to have your store setup on IBA E-Commerce. Secondly you'll need to provide Metcash with a product file that contains a list of products that you intend to list on the marketplace. Thirdly you'll need to complete the Shopfront side of the integration.

Get Setup on IBA E-Commerce

To have your store added to IBA E-Commerce you'll need to contact Metcash or your BDM and let them know that you would like to integrate your Shopfront store with IBA E-Commerce. They'll then ask for a product file out of Shopfront (see the next step) and provide you with the keys required to integrate the two systems.

Generate a Product File

Once Metcash requests a product file, you'll have to perform the first part of the integration with IBA E-Commerce. Using an account with either no role or a role with the required permissions, you'll need to integrate the Shopfront - IBA E-Commerce application into Shopfront.

The required permissions for the Shopfront - IBA E-Commerce integration are currently:

  • Modify Integrations,
  • See Products,
  • View Product,
  • Create Products (for the internal IBA E-Commerce delivery product),
  • Edit Products (for the same product),
  • Modify Payment Methods (for the internal IBA E-Commerce payment method),
  • Modify Settings (To create the Sell on IBA E-Commerce toggle)
  • See Webhooks,
  • Create Webhooks,
  • Perform Sales

To do this, on Shopfront open the Menu and go to Setup then Integrations


On this page you'll be displayed with a list of integrations, scroll down to the IBA E-Commerce integration and press the blue Integrate button.


You'll then be redirected to the integration approval screen, select AUTHORIZE to continue.


After a moment, you'll be redirected back to the Shopfront integrations page. Scroll back down to the IBA E-Commerce integration and press the green Settings button.


On the settings page you'll need to enable the IBA E-Commerce application to access your data for each Outlet that you're integrating and fill in "00000" for all fields. If you're on the Premium subscription you can also select a price set to use so you can use a different set of pricing for IBA E-Commerce.


Once the outlets have been selected and the details filled in, press Save.

When the save has finished, you can now press Send Product File to Metcash underneath each Outlet's settings to download the product file to provide to Metcash.


After you press the button, Shopfront will prepare the file in the background and you'll receive a notification once it has been sent.


Once sent, you can disable the integration for each Outlet by toggling the Synchronise with IBA E-Commerce to off and pressing save. After this has been sent, Metcash will begin their verification process.

When Metcash has finished processing the barcode file you're ready to move on to the next step!

Finishing the Integration

Once you have been provided with an Application KeyStore ID and a Site ID you're ready to complete the integration between Shopfront and IBA E-Commerce. 

Navigate back to the IBA E-Commerce settings (Menu > Setup > Integrations, scroll down to IBA E-Commerce and then press the Settings button). Once there, enable the toggle labelled Synchronise with IBA E-Commerce and fill in the details with those provided by Metcash (if you're using a separate price set, also select that). When all details are correct, press the Save button.


When the integration has finished saving, you'll need to press the Perform Full Product Synchronisation button to upload all of your products and prices to IBA E-Commerce. This typically takes a couple of minutes to complete (you can leave the page as it will be completed in the background).


Now IBA E-Commerce has been fully integrated with Shopfront and is ready to go, all product changes will automatically propagate to IBA E-Commerce and you'll be able to handle invoices directly from the sell screen.