Shop MyLocal

Handling Refunds with Shop MyLocal

If you need to provide a refund for some reason, you'll need to complete the refund through Shop MyLocal, integrations have no way of performing refunds.

Shop MyLocal is an external application to Shopfront, information provided here is as a reference only. The Shopfront support team are unable to assist with issues relating to the use of Shop MyLocal. For assistance, please contact the Metcash Shop MyLocal support team.

In order to perform a refund, you'll need to log into the Shop MyLocal administration interface and go to Outstanding Orders (note, if the order has already been completed, you'll need to contact the Shop MyLocal support team for the best way to deal with the refund). 


From this, you'll want to find the invoice to refund, you can either search for it or scroll through your outstanding orders.

Once found, click on the Cancel order button at the bottom of the order.


 Select the products to return, provide a reason and add any comments then press the Create return button.


This will start the refund process on the Shop MyLocal side, however the order will still exist on the Shopfront side. Unfortunately Shop MyLocal doesn't provide refund information to Shopfront immediately or automatically, so you'll have to wait until the refund has been processed to manually remove it from Shopfront.

Once the refund has been processed on Shop MyLocal, you can go to the Shop MyLocal sell screen option while at a register, select an invoice and press the Check for Updates button.


If the invoice still exists after checking for updates, Shop MyLocal has not processed the refund yet (therefore Shopfront cannot determine that the order is invalid). Unfortunately Shopfront has no control over this and our support team are unable to assist.