Customising Shopfront

Adding a Customer as Sales Key

The register can be customised to suit your needs using Sales Keys. Sales Keys are the large buttons seen on the sell screen, they can be customised to provide a large variety of functions. Frequent customers can be added as sale key to quickly add a customer to a sale by completing the following steps:  

  1. Open Menu 
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Sales Keys
  4. Click Edit to the right of the key folder you wish to add the key to
  5. Add a key and set it up following the guides on Sales Keys
  6. Apply the action 'Add Customer to the Sale'
  7. Search for the customer by typing into the text box and selecting the right name from the dropdown list
  8. Click Save to finalise

For further information on Sales Keys please refer to the following articles Sales Keys & Adding Product to Sales Keys