Preparing Your Store

How to Set Up Hardware Connect

Hardware connect is a program that runs in the background to enable the following services;

  • Selection of a printer or device to trigger the cash drawer to open
  • A location for ticket templates and an export location for shelf ticket printing
  • Selection of a printer for tagged products (Kitchen/Coffee printing)

To check if Hardware Connect is already installed follow the steps below;

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Hardware

If installed, you will see the following screen.



If you see the screen below with a Hardware Connect Error, then the application has not been installed or is not running. 





  1. In the Hardware Connect page, click installing. This will download the Hardware Connect Installation program. 

  2. Run the installation program. Occasionally Windows will request for you to allow to run the application recently downloaded. Select more info and Press Run Anyway.

  3. Press Install on the Hardware Installation window. 


  4. Windows will ask to allow the program from an unknown publisher. Select Yes - The installation will then begin.


  5. A window will open to install Microsoft .NET Core Runtime, select install. If the module is already installed select repair. If prompted to restart the PC select no. 


  6. A window will appear to install ASP.NET Core. Select Agree tickbox and press Install. If the module is already installed select repair. If prompted to restart the PC select no.


  7. Once the installation is complete. Restart your PC. 


  8. Once you restart the PC, Windows Defender Firewall will ask you what networks to allow Hardware Connect can use to communicate. You will need to click to allow HardwareConnect to communicate both on Public and Private networks. Once both have been ticked press Allow Access.


  9.  You can now go to Hardware Connect page and check if you are able to see the settings.