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How to set up Accounts Flow on Shopfront

Shopfront integrates with Accounts Flow, allowing stores to receive electronic invoices from various suppliers.

For information about their services and costs, please contact Accounts Flow

Once Accounts Flow is ready to integrate, we will receive an email from their support team containing your unique Accounts Flow key. We will link your outlet with the Accounts Flow key provided. 

To finish the integration, you must link your suppliers in Shopfront to receive the Accounts Flow invoices into your designated suppliers.

Linking Suppliers

If you have existing suppliers in Shopfront that will receive invoices through Accounts Flow, you must link these suppliers to the master database reference field. If not, you can just enter the supplier ABN number. Failure to do this will create a new supplier when the invoice comes through from Accounts Flow. Follow these steps to link your existing suppliers:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Stock
  3. Select Suppliers
  4. Select Edit for each of the suppliers you wish to activate for Accounts Flow
  5. Select the Master Database Reference and search for the appropriate supplier. If the supplier isn't listed in the Master Database Reference field, it indicates that no other Shopfront store has received an invoice from this supplier. To ensure a new supplier isn't created when invoices come through from Accounts Flow, make sure to add the supplier's ABN to the Business Number field
  6. Select Save


Once these steps have been completed, you are ready to receive Accounts Flow invoices.

Please note, if these details are entered after Accounts Flow has sent the invoices you may have to ask Accounts Flow to resend the invoices for them to appear in your POS.

If you require information on how to receive the electronic invoices. Please take a look at the article on Receiving Invoices for more information.

Note: If supplied by Accounts Flow, the supplier's PDF invoice is viewable from the Shopfront order view page and edit page. To view the supplier invoice, simply select the attachment.


Commonly Asked Questions

A new Accounts Flow invoice caused a new supplier to be created in Shopfront and didn't link to my existing supplier, how can I fix my duplicate suppliers?

If your existing supplier lacks a Business Number (ABN) or a Master Database Reference, any incoming invoice from Accounts Flow will prompt the creation of a new supplier. To consolidate this newly generated supplier with your existing supplier, please look at the Supplier Merge help article.

To prevent the supplier from being duplicated in the future, ensure that the section containing a Business Number and Master Database Reference is merged into the new supplier.


The total freight on an Accounts Flow invoice isn't being distributed among the products the way that I would like it to

Shopfront supports various ways of distributing freight amongst the products on an invoice. You can change the way that freight is distributed from the supplier edit page in the Receiving Orders section. To explain the freight distribution methods, check out the article Description of Supplier Fields.


Sometimes the total on an Accounts Flow invoice is out by a few Cents

This discrepancy typically arises from differences in how the supplier rounds the case prices on the invoice compared to Shopfront. If you want the invoice to balance to the cent, we recommend adding the difference as a plus or minus amount into the Fees and Discounts field.



How do I know when an Accounts Flow invoice has arrived in Shopfront?

A notification will appear once the invoice arrives in Shopfront. Select the notification to start receiving the invoice, or visit your Orders & Invoices page.