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Customer Display Troubleshooting

Customer Display Monitor is Not Displaying Anything?

First of all, check that the monitor power is turned on and that the display cables are securely connected at both the monitor and PC end.

If your monitor reads Entering Power Save Mode when you turn it on, this means the screen is not picking up a connection from your computer, the first thing to check is that the input source on the monitor is set correctly. If the problem persists it could be a fault with the cables or the video card. 


Error When Attempting to Launch the Customer Display in Shopfront?


If you see the error Failed to open customer display (pictured above) when you try to launch the customer display, it could be because a register hasn't been selected, see How to Change Your Location Within Shopfront, to ensure a register has been selected. If a register has been selected, you may need to ensure that a customer display template has been allocated to the register by following the steps in How to Open the Customer Display.


Note; To create or modify customer display templates see Customer Display Setup and for instructions on opening the customer display see How to Open the Customer Display. If you are connecting an additional monitor, you may wish to view How to Configure Your Windows Computer for Multiple Monitor Displays.