Third Party Software

Installing Team Viewer

Team Viewer is an application that allows us to log in to your PC and see what you see.

To install the application please follow the steps below.

  1. For Windows computers select
    For Mac operating systems select

  2. Once the appropriate download has been selected, you should see the download appear at the bottom of your browser, click on the download to run the Team Viewer Installation


  3. Windows may request User account control permission to begin the installation, select 'Yes'

  4. Windows may prompt for permission to open the file, If so select 'Run' to continue


  5. Ensure Default installation is selected.
    Select Accept-next


  6. Ensure I want to use the free version for personal use is selected
    Select Finish


  7. Check I accept the EULA and the DPA
    Select Continue


    Team Viewer will now install. Please wait. Once completed Team Viewer will open automatically as shown below

  8. We will require Your ID number and Password in order to remotely access your PC for troubleshooting issues.