Managing Inventory

How to View Inventory From a Previous Date

To view your inventory from a previous date, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. Select Reporting
  3. Select Miscellaneous Reports
  4. Select Inventory at Date
  5. Enter the date you would like to view your inventory levels for
  6. Select the Outlet from the dropdown list
  7. Select Run

Report Filters

Field Description
Date (inclusive) The displayed data reflects the end-of-day information for the selected date. So most commonly, for the end of the financial year, the desired date would be the 30th of June
Group By Enables you to group the report by a classification or a supplier
Show Inventory With Zero Stock Leaving this turned on will include all products which have a current inventory level of zero
Columns The report contains various columns that can be added or removed
Show Products Leaving this turned on will display all products, and turning this toggle off will hide the products (To activate the option Show Products, ensure that the Group By setting is not set to None)
Search Products Search Products will only display the products that match the text entered into the search field. (The text box will only appear after running the report)


Create A Favourite Inventory Report to be Automatically Emailed

Having inventory reports emailed on a specific date, such as the end of the financial year, can be highly beneficial as it provides a documented record of your inventory at that specific point in time. To accomplish this, you can refer to the instructions outlined in the article How to Set up Inventory Reports to Email on a Scheduled Basis.