Managing Inventory

Receiving Invoices

After you've sent an order to a Supplier and received an invoice from them, it's time to receive the stock.

Note: You can also receive invoices without creating orders.


Finding Your Order

To find a previously created order, simply:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Change Status to Sent
  4. Enter any other additional details you can use to find the order
  5. Select Filter
  6. Find the order in the list of orders
    • Go through the orders and press View if you are unsure of which order it is
  7. Select Receive

You're now presented with the order modify screen.


Receiving Stock

Once you've found your order and are on the order modify screen you can easily edit the order to match the invoice.

We would suggest going through the invoice in the following order, however, the order does not matter, it's just the way we have found is quickest.

Add any products that are on the invoice but missing from the order the same way you added products when creating the order (scanning a barcode or searching for a product's name in the input box).

If your invoice contains fees or freight, enable Detailed View at the bottom of the page.

Go through each product on the invoice and enter the Cases Received, the Items Received and the Case Cost (if you're not in detailed view, use Total Payable rather than Case Cost).

Next to New Case Cost you will see the Cost Change Indicator. This will show the percentage increase / decrease over your last cost for each product.

After entering all of the cases and items, check if any products are highlighted.

  • If a product is highlighted in Yellow it means that the case quantity has changed since sending the order, check to make sure the case quantity is correct, if it's not, you can adjust it by clicking on the product's case quantity,
  • If a product is highlighted in Green it means the product could not be found in your file. This will only occur when the invoice is coming from an external source other than Shopfront. If you have products highlighted with Green press Associate Products at the bottom of the screen and match them with your products.

Once no more products are highlighted (or have been ignored), enter the total freight for the invoice into the freight total box and then enter the total fees (or discount) into the fees / discounts total box.

Hopefully, your invoice balances, if not, don't fret! There are several other things to check.

  • Is your invoice including tax? If your invoice is not including tax you'll need to disable the Costs on Supplier Invoice is Inclusive of Tax toggle at the top of the page under the search box
  • (Liquor Industry Only) Is your invoice including WET? If your invoice is excluding tax it might also be excluding WET, if this is the case, disable the Costs on Supplier Invoice is Inclusive of WET Tax 29% toggle at the top of the page
  • Is the freight included on the invoice from an external company? If the freight is from an external company disable the Costs on Supplier Invoice is Inclusive of Freight toggle
  • Do all of your products have the correct Tax applied to them?

It's best to read our How to Create a Supplier article as you can set this supplier's default order tax, fees and freight to comply with the suppliers expected invoice formats so that you don't get caught out next time. 


Still don't balance? Double-check to make sure case quantities match, cases received match and items match. If you still can't work out where the difference is, get in touch with our support team.


Additional Notes

  • Shopfront supports using percentages rather than dollar amounts for fees and discounts, to enable this, open the options in the top right-hand corner and enable the Use Percentage for Fees and Discounts toggle.
  • You can select the checkboxes next to each product and select the Average Cost button to distribute the cost of selected products evenly, this is often used when receiving bonus stock. The checkboxes next to each product can also be used to Remove Products.
  • To verify the total tax amount on the order select Show Taxes.
  • Some suppliers offer a Purchase Rebate when a product is purchased, this lowers the cost of the product but does not affect the invoice total.
  • If a mistake is made when creating the initial order, you can select Edit Details to modify details such as the Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Supplier and expected total.
  • If you don't receive the cost of freight on the invoice but know what it will be per case (e.g. you use an external freight company) you can add the cost in the supplier edit page for it to be automatically applied.