Managing Inventory

Creating Supplier Orders

Shopfront offers you several different options for creating and sending Supplier Orders.

Note: If you already have an invoice, you can receive an invoice without creating an order.


Creating Orders

Let's create an order:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Select Orders & Invoices
  4. Click Order Stock

You'll now be presented with the order details screen which contains the following fields:

Field Description
From The Supplier you will be receiving the stock from once sent
To The Outlet that will be receiving the stock (this is not modifiable if you only have one Outlet)
Order Date  The date of the order
Order Number The number for the order, Shopfront will warn you if the order is not unique but it is not a requirement for it to be
Due Date The date the order is due
Payment Reference The reference for any payments made
Order Notes Specific notes for the order, visible in emails and printed orders
Generate Stock From

Shopfront can generate dynamic orders, you can choose to generate a new order from SalesReorder Points, or a combination (to set reorder points and Reorder Limits see Generate an Order using Reorder Points)

Note: Minimum and Maximum order values can be set from the supplier edit page, for more information see Description of Supplier Fields

Once you've specified the details for your order, click Create at the bottom of the page.


Modifying the Order

Once you've created your order, you'll be presented with the order modify screen. On this screen you can add products to the current order, modify products and adjust the amount of products that should be ordered.

To get started, you can either search for a product in the input box or you can scan a barcode into the box. If you can't find the product, it is likely that product hasn't previously come from that supplier before. To view products from all suppliers, enable the All Suppliers toggle.

After adding the product you can adjust the product's supplier, supplier code for that supplier, the amount of cases and the amount of items you are ordering. You can also set the case cost to estimate the total amount the order will come to.

If you want more details about a product, click on the product's name. This will display the current cost, price points, a graph showing purchase and sales data, price points, current promotions and current inventory levels. You can also Edit a product from here, view the complete Sales History and Purchase History. To minimise this click on the product's name once again. 

If a promotion is currently running or upcoming and you have selected the relevant Promotion Category to Show on Order, an icon will be displayed below the product displaying On Promotion.

Similarly, if a product is within a Product Buying Period, an icon will be shown below the product to displaying On Buying Period.


Sending an Order

Once you've finished creating your order you can select Save or Save and Send, for now, let's press Save.

You'll now be presented with the order view screen, from this screen you can continue your order, add the entire order to shelf tickets, modify the details, print the order and send the order to the supplier. If you wish to print the order, we suggest printing it at this point. Let's select Send at the top, this will do the same as selecting Save and Send on the previous screen. Once sent, the page will change slightly to also show received data.

From this point you can email the order to a supplier (suppliers can also be setup to automatically have orders emailed to them).

Once you've received the invoice from the supplier you can receive the invoice.