Customising Shopfront

Setting up Additional Ticket Information

To add additional ticket information to products you must first configure the fields that will be displayed and exported. We've created a simple interface that allows you to customise the information shown on the Product modify screen.

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Additional Information

This will display all of your current ticket information.

Adding a Field

To add a field, click the + New Field button at the top of the screen.




Type in the Name and the Safe Name. The Safe Name can only contain lowercase letters, numbers and the underscore (_) character.



Once you've filled in the display name and save name, click Save to finalise.


Removing a Field

To remove a field from the ticket information, simply find the field you wish to remove and click Delete can next to it on the right hand side.

Note: This will remove the field from all products and data will be lost.


Additional Considerations

If you're using the Ticket Information to export the tickets to DesignPro, there is a character limit imposed on the safe name of eight (8) characters (however this can vary by system). Any safe name longer than this automatically get truncated which can lead to conflicting names. This is a limit in the format DesignPro uses and not a limit imposed by Shopfront.