Managing Inventory

Advanced Stocktake

The Advanced Stocktake feature involves a live stocktaking session, with the option to have multiple users stocktaking accross different devices. Products sold during the stocktake will be deducted from already scanned products allowing you to stocktake during trading hours. Following the completion of an Advanced Stocktake, you will have the option to zero the inventory of products not counted belonging to particular categories, or zero the inventory of all products not counted.


Considerations and Requirements

Before commencing an advanced stocktake session, please take note of the following considerations:

  • Ensure that supplier invoices have been received into Shopfront, if the received products are to be included in the stocktake.
  • If you are performing a partial stocktake, ensure that any product added to the stocktake is fully stocktaked, for instance, a product available on a floor stack, in a fridge, and in storage should be fully stocktaked across all locations.
  • If a product is counted and then sold, it will automatically deduct the sold quantity from the count.
  • Only count what you see. The system will handle the rest.
  • An internet connection is required initially and when completing the stocktake. An Internet connection is not required when counting but is recommended.
  • Will you be counting all the products in the store, or is it a partial stocktake? This is only relevant if you wish to zero the inventory of the products not counted in the stocktake.


Starting a New Stocktake

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Select Stocktake
  4. Select Advanced Stocktake
  5. Name the Stocktake
  6. Choose the outlet
  7. Toggle on or off Display expected 
    • Display expected determines whether the expected inventory is visible for each scanned product
  8. Select Continue

Image 006.jpg

At this point, you have created a stocktake session. If a product is counted and then sold, it will automatically minus the sale quantity amount. 


Joining a Stocktake Session in Progress

If you've exited your In Progress stocktake session on your device and wish to resume it, or you'd like to join an In Progress stocktake on another device, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Menu
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Select Stocktake 
  4. Look for your In Progress stocktake and select Continue

Image 005.jpg


Counting Stock

The Advanced Stocktake allows two different scanning modes, default mode and quick scan mode. Either can be used at any time by toggling the Quick Scan Mode toggle at the top of the page.

Default Mode

The default mode is the typical way that you would count stock, simply scan a barcode or type the product description and then enter the Quantity and select Count.

Assuming barcode quantities are set correctly, the scanned amount will be reflective of the barcode quantity. For instance, scanning a six pack barcode and entering a quantity of five will result in 30 items being counted.

Image 002.png

Quick Scan Mode

Quick Scan Mode allows you to scan products without the need to enter a count, this is useful if you want to apply a count of one to the barcode quantity scanned. Simply scan the barcode and the barcode quantity will be applied to the scanned amount.

For instance, in the example below, we've scanned the six-pack barcode three times, resulting in a scanned amount of 18 being applied.



Note: If you search the product description instead of scanning the barcode when in quick mode, the base quantity for that product (usually one) will be automatically applied.


Completing a Stocktaking Session

Once all users have finished counting, it's time to complete the stocktake. To ensure you follow the correct processes and the counts are brought across from each device follow the steps in order below

  1. If the stocktake has been performed with multiple devices, ensure that the inventory has been synced on all devices by selecting Complete > I have finished my part of the stocktake, if there are still other devices who are yet to complete this step, select There are still other users in the Stocktake
    Note: All devices completing this step must have an active internet connection at this point.


  2. Once all devices have finished counting, choose one device to Complete the stocktake


Note: From this point forward, any sales will no longer be deducted from the counted inventory, if doing this during trading hours, for maximum accuracy, you should attempt to apply the stocktake (outlined in the next part of the article) immediately.


Finalise Stocktake

Select Which Categories Should be Affected by Applying the Stocktake

Partial Stocktake

During the Finalise stage of the stocktake, all categories to which your scanned products belong to, will be listed on the screen. If you have additional categories for which you want to zero the products, you can search for and add the category. Alternatively, if you prefer not to zero the products belonging to a certain category that had scanned products, you have the option to remove that category.

For example, in the scenario below, we opted not to zero the products not counted in the stocktake from the Ready to Drink Category. Additionally, although no products were stocktaked from the Beer Keg category, we intend to zero the inventory for the products belonging to this category.



Full Stocktake

If you have stocktaked the entire store and you intend to zero all products that weren't counted in the stocktake, simply select Apply the Stocktake to all Products.


Once you have decided which categories apply to the stocktake select Complete.


Potential Variances

When completing the stocktake, an alert may be displayed about potential variances. This can occur for two reasons:

  • A product was counted and then had the quantity reversed (by selecting the trash icon)
  • A product was counted two or more times, with the product being sold in between counts
    Note: In this situation, an alert is triggered due to the possibility of the product being found in multiple locations, and the sold item being taken from an area that has not yet been counted.

A list of all affected products will be displayed along with the Expected, Calculated and Actual counts. Selecting Events will reveal all events that have impacted the inventory during the stocktake, such as each count or sale.

Confirm that the count for the stock on this list is correct and then select Complete Stocktake.


Applying a Stocktake


  • Review: Selecting this option will direct you to a review page, where you can make any necessary edits to the stocktake before applying it (it's advisable to avoid this step if you are processing sales, as the stocktake is no longer live at this point).
  • Ignore Other Stock: By choosing this option, only the stock of scanned products will be adjusted, leaving all other products untouched.
  • Zero Other Stock: This will reset the inventory to zero for all products within the selected categories that were not scanned. Alternatively, if you have chosen to Apply the stocktake to all products, this action will reset the inventory to zero for all products not counted.

Once you've applied the stocktake, the process will run in the background, and you'll receive a Notification once it has finished applying. Depending on the size of the stocktake, the process may range from instant for small stocktakes to a few minutes for larger ones.


Selecting this notification will bring you to the stocktake review page, allowing you to view the variances for the scanned and not scanned products.


Additional Notes

  • Product counts and sales events will appear for all devices within the same stocktake session
  • The event's panel allows for the searching of a particular product's events. The panel displays how many times a particular product has been counted, along with the user and the time the product was scanned
  • If a product is counted and then sold, new Expected amounts are adjusted based on the sale quantity
  • If basket products exist in your product file, check out the Basket Products help guide for information on how these products are treated in an advanced stocktake

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I reset all of my inventory to zero?

Yes, you can reset your entire inventory to zero by performing an advanced stocktake with no products added to the stocktake. Follow these steps to reset all of your inventory to zero.

  1. Create an Advanced Stocktake
  2. Without adding any products to the stocktake, select Complete
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to confirm the stocktake has been completed
  4. Turn on the toggle Apply the stocktake to all products
  5. Select Complete
  6. Select Zero Other Stock