Managing Products

Importing a Basic Product CSV File Into Shopfront

You can import new products via a CSV file.

Note: This does not merge products together and it does not allow multiple prices or barcodes to be set. If you have products that are linked together already and more details than the CSV import can provide we suggest you either check out our advanced product CSV importer, get in touch with us or use our developer API.

To import products via the a CSV file:

  1. Select the Menu icon
  2. Select Stock
  3. Select Products
  4. Located in the top right hand corner select the icon Functions
  5. Select Import Products from CSV
  6. Choose the file containing the products you wish to import
  7. Select Import 

Your CSV file can contain the following columns:

Column Description Required
name The name of the product Yes
cost The cost of the product (including tax if applicable) Yes
sell_price The retail sell price of the product (including tax if applicable) Yes
description The description of the product No
tax_rate_id The UUID of the Tax Rate No
category_id The UUID of the Category this product belongs to No
brand_id The UUID of the Brand this product belongs to No
family_id The UUID of the Family this product belongs to No
supplier_id The UUID of the Supplier this product belongs to No
supplier_code The code used to order this product from the supplier No
case_quantity The amount of items that come in a case No
barcode The barcode of the product No


To find the UUID of each of the columns mentioned above refer to How To Find a UUID.

You can also import additional information to the products by adding a column that has the format additional_[safe name]. So if you have an additional field called "Region" which has the safe name "region", your field will be called additional_region



  • Column order does not matter
  • Columns are case sensitive
  • All other columns present will be ignored
  • Sell price can include the currency symbol (e.g. "$" and "€").
  • To join columns together (such as the name) use the concatenate function (to join A1 and B1 together with a space use =CONCATENATE(A1, " ", B1)).