All About Promotions

Advanced Promotions

Shopfront supports a huge range of combinations for creating promotions. Due to the amount of combinations possible, we've split promotions into two parts, Express Promotions and Advanced Promotions. Express Promotions should be used where possible as they are easy to use whereas Advanced Promotions are complex but extremely powerful.

Some reasons for using Advanced Promotions over Express Promotions:

  • Any promotion where more than one condition must be met (e.g. buy x get y free)
  • If you would like a promotion to work with products that are not linked together through a family, category, tag or brand
  • Running prices using sell rate of products (buy 6 and get them at the 24 pack rate)
  • Spend & Get (spend $x and get y)
  • Excluding products from a promotion  

All promotions made in Express can be made in Advanced (in the background they are Advanced Promotions with a much easier to use interface) but not all Advanced Promotions can be Express Promotions.

Now that you've decided to use Advanced Promotions, let's get into the details.


Creating an Advanced Promotion

Navigate to Menu > Marketing > Promotions and select the + Add Promotion button in the top left corner. You can now follow the steps in the creation wizard or click skip and Advanced to be taken to the edit page at any point. 

1. Name the promotion by typing into the text field


2. Set dates by selecting dates from the respective calendars 


3. Select a promotion category 


4. Select a type of promotion. The following steps will relate to the type selected here. 



You'll now be presented with the promotion details screen, these can be edited later if you change your mind.


Field Description
Name The name of the promotion, this is available to see everywhere in the POS
Start The start date of the promotion, this is an inclusive date (will start on this day)
End The end date of the promotion, this is an inclusive date (it will stop running after this day)
Category The promotion category this promotion is a part of
Available To The customer group this promotion is available to
Quantity Limit The maximum amount of this promotion to sell before becoming inactive
Available From The Outlets this promotion is available from (not visible if you only have a single Outlet)


If you would like to test your promotion, you can do this using while editing your promotion by using the promotion simulator

Once you've finished setting up your promotion, press Create Promotion in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Additional Promotion Settings

Once you've created the promotion, the promotion modify screen appears which presents the same configuration options as the promotion details screen with a few additional settings.

Field Description
Active Whether the promotion is actively running or not, if you wish to suspend this promotion, disable this option
No Further Discount Whether products can be discounted if they are in this promotions
Mix Criteria Whether the criteria should mix together as if they were a single criteria


Creating Criteria

To start creating your promotion, you'll first need to create a criteria. A criteria is a set of rules that need to be met in order to apply a promotional price.

Typically promotions can be thought of as Buy x for y (e.g. Buy 1 item for 10% off).

If you have multiple criteria within your promotion, they must all be met for a promotion to be valid (excluding optional criteria).


Criteria Options

At first glance, the criteria options may seem daunting due to the wide variety of options available. Don't worry if you get stuck, come back to this guide or contact our friendly support team who will be able to assist you with setting up your promotion.


At the top of the criteria options is the product selector, this is where you set the products that will be included (by selecting the included tab) and excluded (by selecting the excluded tab). In the search box you can select Products, Brands, Categories, Families and Tags and any of these can be included or excluded.

Note: Excluded items get priority.


After you've added the products to the criteria you'll need to select the type of price modification this criteria will be:

Type Description
Total Price Override Override the total price for the products with this amount
Individual Price Override Override the individual price for the products with this amount 
Discount Item Amount Discount each individual item price by this amount
Discount Total Amount Discount the total price with this amount
Discount Percentage Discount the price by this percentage
Sell Rate Change the price to be at the same rate as this
Quantity Only This criteria is only used for quantity and not price modification

Criteria Type

Next you'll need to select what type of criteria this is and how the quantity will be calculated:

  • Quantity: The count of products in the sale
  • Money: The normal sell price of products in the sale

Quantity Type

After selecting the criteria type, you'll need to decide whether this promotion should only match exactly this quantity or be more than this quantity. If you select More Than, you are provided with an option to specify a max amount.


Now simply enter the quantity or spend amount that will need to be required to activate this criteria.

Max Quantity

If you have specified the Quantity Type to be More Than, you can specify the max quantity before the criteria stop being active.

Count Mixed Items Only

Enabling Count Mixed Items Only prevents customers from buying only the same product to meet the criteria.

Count Excluded Items

If you've added an excluded item, you can choose whether people adding the excluded items to the sale should count as quantity. If this is turned on the excluded products still won't receive the price modification of this criteria.

Minimum Continuous Sell Quantity

If you are using More Than as your Quantity Type you can elect to skip the next quantity until you reach the Minimum Continuous Sell Quantity. For example, if you want to promotion to apply to a quantity of 48 and every 24 additional products after 48 you would set this field to 24 and the Quantity field to 48. 


This is the actual amount you wish to discount or sell at. For example, if your promotion is buy 2 for $20, this field is $20.

Discount Everyday Prices

If you wish for the promotion to discount the everyday price of products (e.g. the six pack price) you should turn this on, otherwise the promotion will discount the single price of the product.


Last but not least is the Optional toggle, if this is turned on the promotion can be activated without this criteria being satisfied. Typically you'll want this turned off.


Once you're satisfied with your criteria setup, press Save Criteria