Customising Shopfront

Selling Products by Weight

If you sell products that are measured by weight (such as Apples sold by the kilogram), follow the guide below to configure them for entering the weight when adding these items to the sell screen.

Configure the Weight Setting

To enable the option to turn on weight settings for your selected products, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate the Menu > Setup > Company  
  2. Toggle Products can have weight
  3. Select Save Settings

Specifying Which Products Are Weighed

To add the weight option to specific products follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Menu > Stock > Products
  2. Search for products by typing and select Edit next to the product
  3. Toggle Use Scales on
  4. Save to finalise

Selling Weighed Products

To sell a product that has been marked as Weighed, simply scan its barcode or search for it on the sell screen. Once the product has been added to the sale, you should see a prompt asking you to enter the weight.