Managing Inventory

Stocktaker Import

If you've had an external stocktaker come in and stocktake your store you can import their CSV file into Shopfront to update your inventory levels.

Note: You'll need the Perform Stocktake permission for your user to access the Stocktaker Import.

The Stocktaker's file can contain the following columns:

Column Description Required
name The name or description of the product No
barcode The barcode of the product Yes
cost The single cost of the product (inclusive of tax) No
quantity The quantity scanned Yes

 Note: Column order does not matter but the column name is case sensitive and cost can contain the currency symbol ($ and €)

When you have received the CSV file and are ready to import the stocktake:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Stock Management
  3. Select More
  4. Select External Stocktake
  5. Select Import Stocktaker File
  6. Select Choose File and select the relevant CSV file
  7. If you have multiple Outlets you will need to select the Outlet the file is for
  8. Select whether you wish to zero all inventory not counted (by toggling the Zero All Inventory option) if this is not toggled on, any product not counted in the stocktake will be ignored 
  9. Select whether the stocktake should Override or Add to the current stock on hand
  10. Select Import.

Shopfront will now process the file, follow the steps below to check and apply the stocktake:

  1. Once the Stocktake has been created in your store, you will receive a notification, click on this to view the results of the stocktake
  2. Any product not matched will be highlighted in Green which you can then associate with an existing product or create a new product to associate it to (All unassociated products will be created as new products in your store, if ignored this can lead to duplicate products)
  3. Once you are ready to do so, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Complete

Shopfront will apply the Stocktake in the background and provide a notification once the stocktake has been applied.

Note: If you have basket products with track inventory turned on, the products within the basket may see an inventory decrease when zeroing stock not counted. View the article on Basket Products and refer to the Stocktaking section for more information on the effect that Basket Products have on the inventory of the products inside them.