Managing Products

Setup Tax Rates

Selling products with different tax rates? Shopfront supports using as many different tax rates as you would like. 


Configuring Tax Rates

Tax rates can be created, modified and deleted from the Tax Rate page in Shopfront's setup. To access the page, perform the following:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Tax Rates

Creating Tax Rates

  1. Select the Tax Rate you wish to edit or click + New
  2. Set the Tax Rate's name
  3. Set the Tax Rate's percentage
  4. Select a Master Database Reference if applicable
  5. Click Create

Setting the Default Tax Rate

In Australia, the majority of products are sold with GST, so it's easier to make manage your product file if you make GST the default tax rate and then remove it from products that don't have tax.

Note: Adjusting the default tax rate won't affect any product which already exists.

  1. Find the tax rate you wish to set as default
  2. Click Set as Default

Deleting Tax Rates

Occasionally tax rates may need to be deleted, care should be taken with this however as deleting a tax rate will modify the price that your product is being sold for. We would highly suggest merging tax rates if possible or if you need assistance with deleting a tax rate which contains products, please contact us.

  1. Find the tax rate you want to delete
  2. Press the Delete button next to it
  3. Confirm the deletion of the tax rate

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I merge tax rates together?

Shopfront allows you to merge tax rates, this is typically done after importing or converting your data from another POS vendor, but may sometimes be required if a duplicate has been manually created.

Note: There is no way to reverse the process once the tax rates have been merged.

To merge the tax rates, both tax rates will need to be at the same rate and you'll need to following the below:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Expand Setup
  3. Select Tax Rates
  4. Press the Merge button at the top of the page
  5. Select the source tax rate (this is the one to merge)
  6. Select the destination tax rate (this is the one to keep)
    • Only tax rates with a matching rate will be shown
  7. Press the Continue button

Once completed, all product and sale data will be moved from the source tax rate and added to the destination tax rate. The source tax rate will then be automatically deleted.