Managing Products

Sending an Order to the ALM portal

If you are utilising the ALM i-order integration you can generate and send orders directly from Shopfront to the ALM portal. For information on how to generate an order based on sales select the link.

Send an Order to ALM

Once you have an order ready to go, you can send it to the ALM web portal.

  1. On the Shopfront order select Save and Send, this sends the order to your ALM account
  2. Log into the ALM portal, the order will be waiting for you to confirm and send for delivery

Resending an ALM order to the ALM portal

If an order failed to send or if it does not appear on the ALM portal after a while, you can re-send the order from Shopfront. 

  1. Navigate to Menu > Stock > Stock Management
  2. Change Status to Sent
  3. Select View next to the order you want to resend
  4. Select the Integrations button at the top of your order
  5. Select Resend to ALM 


Approving order on ALM portal

To finalise submitting an ALM order, you will need to approve it on the ALM web portal.

  1. Login to your ALM portal by going to
  2. In the ALM menu Select Order > I-Orders                                            
  3. Find your order and Move to Basket