Keeping Updated

Push Notifications

Shopfront uses Google Chrome's built in push notifications to send you updates about events that have occurred within the POS. We're constantly adding new events and here are the current ones:

  • Notify about sales which are greater than x
  • End of day sales tallies
  • All login events
  • Main login
  • New invoices available
  • New promotions downloaded

Each device can have different events selected with different settings.

Note: Due to restrictions placed by Apple, Push Notifications are not available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).


Setting up Push Notifications

  1. Access Shopfront on the device you wish to receive notifications from
  2. Open the Menu
  3. Select Push Notifications
  4. Select Add Current Device
    • Note: If this isn't available you've either disabled push notifications in your Chrome settings or have already set them up, in which case, press edit next to your device
  5. Name your device
  6. Once your device is listed, select Edit
  7. Configure the options you would like to receive Push Notifications for
  8. Select Save Push Notifications