During a Sale

How to Apply a Note to a Sale

Several different types of notes are available to add to a sale.

  • Product 
  • Sale
  • Sale (Internal) 

Both Sale notes and Product notes will get printed on the customer receipt, however Internal Sale notes will only be available through the Sales History page. 


Adding notes via Sales Keys

To add any type of note, you need to add the corresponding Sales Key first.

Once you've added the Sales Key, simply follow these steps to add a note

  1. Select the corresponding note sales key
  2. Add the note by typing into the text box
  3. Finalise by clicking the Add button 


You can edit notes provided by following the same steps. If you would like to check what you have written you can select the Note icons in the bottom right hand corner of the register or you can select the product to view it's note.


Adding notes via Product Details

Alternatively you can add a Product note by expanding a product's details once it's been added to the sell screen.

  1. Click on the product's name
  2. Click on + Add Note
  3. Add the note by typing into the text box
  4. Finalise by clicking the Add button